Welcome to Middle School Dragon Art


From: The Discovery of Dragons
By Graeme Base
Abrams Publisher 1996

Why dragons? The middle school class voted unanimously to explore dragon art. To help depict your investigation, this wiki was born. I
am very excited to be a part of this project!

Last year the middle school art class built an anime museum. The museum developed into a much larger event then I first conceived of. It was a wonderful success within our school community. I envision this wiki following in the same successful tradition with an add bonus of a wider audience. We are fortunate to be part of our current age of accessible technology tools. What a wonderful avenue the wiki provides to exhibit each of your artistic explorations and expressions.

Most of you have ventured into the world of wiki in other classes. This will be my first wiki. Some of you are already wiki experts. I am looking forward to learning from you. Ms C the middle school tech teacher has also been very helpful and patient in helping to set up the dragon wiki. I am happy she will be available to help as need as we proceed on our dragon journey.

This unit will require you to investigate dragons through: research, comparisons, discussions, comments, art production and exhibition. The assignment page has links to each of the five lessons with directions and the visual art standards that apply. We will start with researching dragons from different countries and you will post your finding on the cultural dragons page.
Lets get to it and have fun!

Ms. J