Assignment Requirements: Cultural Dragons

This page will include images of various dragons and links to more detailed descriptions of each dragon.

You are required to include:
  • image
  • source
  • description of dragon
  • time period
  • description of how the dragon is used
  • description of the events that affect the dragon
  • your feelings and thoughts about this dragon


Cultural Dragons Main Page

4= Successfully upload a dragon that most demonstrated the region of the world I was assigned.
3= Successfully upload a dragon from my groups region.
2= Successfully upload a dragon that was of an inconsistent quality.
1= Was not successful in uploading a dragon from the region assigned.

4= Successfully included the four assign tasks: name, country, URL and
linked the image to student page.
3= Successful in completing three out of the four assigned tasks.
2= Successful in completing two out of the four assigned tasks
1 = Only completed one or less of the four assign tasks.

Cultural Dragons Student Page
4= CD page included a description of the dragon and a reflection along with
five other tasks: the image, URL, time period, how it is used, events that
affected the dragon.
3= CD page had a written description and a thoughtful reflection but is
missing one of the five other tasks.
2= CD page has a written description and a reflection, but is missing some of
the five other assigned tasks.
1= CD page does not have a well thought out description or reflection and is
also missing elements from

Visual Art Standards:

4.1 Understand similarities and differences among the characteristics of artworks from various eras and cultures.
4.2 Understands the historical and cultural contexts of a variety of art objects.
4.3 Understands how factors of time and place influence visual, spatial or temporal characteristics that give meaning or function to a work of art.
5.2 Understands possible contemporary and historic meanings in specific artworks.
5.3 Understands how one’s own artworks, as well artworks from various eras and cultures, may elicit a variety of responses.