Assignment - Dragon Comparisons

On this page you will compare and contrast two dragons from the Cultural Dragons page. On your page, make sure to include:
  • a picture of each dragon
  • source for each picture
  • a description each dragon
  • a description of the utilization of each dragon within each culture
  • a comparison of the dragons
  • a link to your personal student page

Dragon Comparison
4= Was successful in writing a detailed description of the dragon and wrote
an outstanding comparison. Also completed the three assigned tasks of:
images, source and link to the personal student page.
3= Was successful in writing a description of the dragon and comparison.
Also completed two of the three assigned tasks.
2= Wrote a brief description of the dragon and comparison and did not
complete all of the assigned tasks.
1= Was not successful in writing a description or comparison and did not
complete the assigned tasks.

Visual Art Standards
1.1 Understands what makes different art media, techniques and processes effective or ineffective in communicating various ideas.
1.2 Knows how the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes can be used to enhance communication of experiences and idea.
2.1 Knows some of the effects of various visual structures (design elements, such as line, color, shape, principles such as repletion, rhythm, balance) and functions of art.
3.1 Knows how visual, spatial and temporal concepts integrate with content to communicate intended meaning in one’s artworks
3.2 Knows different subjects, themes and symbols (through context, value and aesthetics), which convey intended meaning in artworks.
4.1 Understand similarities and differences among the characteristics of artworks from various eras and cultures.
4.2 Understands the historical and cultural contexts of a variety of art objects.
4.3 Understands how factors of time and place influence visual, spatial or temporal characteristics that give meaning or function to a work of art.
5.1 Distinguishes among multiple purposes for creating works of art.
5.2 Understands possible contemporary and historic meanings in specific artworks.
5.3 Understands how one’s own artworks, as well artworks from various eras and cultures, may elicit a variety of responses.