Middle School Self Portrait Dragons

This project will be composed of 5 sections: Cultural Dragons, Dragon Comparisons, Dragon Reference, Student Dragons, Student Dragon Gallery.

Cultural Dragons Main Page
Cultural Dragons
Dragon Comparisons
Dragon Reference
Student Dragons
Student Dragon Gallery
Page Name
Cultural Dragons
Individual Pages: CDStudent
Dragon Comparisons
Dragon Reference
Individual Pages: PJStudent
Student Dragon Gallery
1. research dragons
a picture of each dragon
the terms that represent you
digital picture of your dragon

URL of picture and artist or location
URL for each picture
the sketches of your dragon
link to your personal student page

2. Put picture on page (resize if necessary)
description of dragon, including where the dragon is from (country)
a description each dragon
URL and illustrator
a digital image of your finished dragon

your name
time period
a description of the utilization of each dragon within each culture
a description of the symbolic use of the dragon
a reflection on the process of creating your dragon and your influences

description of how the dragon is used
a link to your personal student page

description of the events that affect the dragon

3. Link to picture on CD Student Page
your feelings and thoughts about this dragon

Visual Art Standards:

Standard 1:
1.1 Understands what makes different art media, techniques and processes effective or ineffective in communicating various ideas.
1.2 Knows how the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes can be used to enhance communication of experiences and idea.
Standard 2:
2.1 Knows some of the effects of various visual structures (design elements, such as line, color, shape, principles such as repletion, rhythm, balance) and functions of art.
Standard 3:
3.1 Knows how visual, spatial and temporal concepts integrate with content to communicate intended meaning in one’s artworks
3.2 Knows different subjects, themes and symbols (through context, value and aesthetics), which convey intended meaning in artworks.
Standard 4:
4.1 Understand similarities and differences among the characteristics of artworks from various eras and cultures.
4.2 Understands the historical and cultural contexts of a variety of art objects.
4.3 Understands how factors of time and place influence visual, spatial or temporal characteristics that give meaning or function to a work of art.
Standard 5:
5.1 Distinguishes among multiple purposes for creating works of art.
5.2 Understands possible contemporary and historic meanings in specific artworks.
5.3 Understands how one’s own artworks, as well artworks from various eras and cultures, may elicit a variety of responses.

Information Technology Standards:

Standard 1:
1.2 Know how to evaluate, select, and use appropriate technology tools and information resources to design, plan, develop, and communicate content information appropriately, addressing the target audience and providing accurate citations for sources.
1.3 Know how to identify appropriate file formats for a variety of applications and apply utility programs to convert formats, as necessary, for effective use in Web, video, audio, graphic, presentation, word processing, database, publication, and spreadsheet applications.

Standard 4:
4.1 Know how to use telecommunications tools such as e-mail, discussion groups, and online collaborative environments to exchange data collected and learn curricular concepts by communicating with peers, experts, and other audiences.
4.2 Know how to use a variety of media and formats to design, develop, publish, and present products (e.g., presentations, newsletters, Web pages) that effectively communicate information and ideas about the curriculum to multiple audiences.

Essential Questions:

Researched Dragons:
1. What purpose is the dragon utilized from each area or country?
2. What are the similarities and differences among the dragons from different countries?
3. When was the dragon created? Were there any events that affected the creation of the dragon?
4. What are your feelings, and thoughts about this particular dragon?
5. What materials and research sources did you use during your dragon search?

Art Production of dragon self portrait:
1. How did you use the materials to express yourself as a dragon? Document the creation of your dragon, by listing the stages of production.
2. What colors, size, shapes and images did you use to express yourself as a dragon?
3. Which descriptive words did you choose to describe yourself? How does your dragon utilize the descriptive words to represent you?