Name: The Ninki Nanka
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Artist: Unknown.
Time Period: Now.

The Ninki Nanka is a mythical creature located in the swamps of Gambia, Africa. The villagers who have seen it will die within a week. Lots of villagers got to see it and usually died. This creature or 'dragon' appears in the folklore of many parts of West Africa.

Villagers or witnesses have described it as having a horse like face, a long body with mirror-like scales and a crest of skin on its head.

A group of UK dragon-hunters found this hard to prove, because evidence so far was sketchy as most people died soon after seeing it.

Different descriptions were varied from a crocodile or a snake with wings and spitting fire.

The team have interviewed one witness so far, a park ranger from the Kiang West National Park who lived to tell his ecounter three years ago.
He described a animal 50 meters long by one meter wide that he viewed for more than a hour before being taken ill to the hospital.

He survived because he had taken a herbal potion given to him from an Islamic holy man, he said.

Mr. Freeman, the leader of the pack has declared that this is more then a folkloric creature. Or is it???