Here I will talk about general African dragons and their myths.

Time period: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
My feelings and thoughts about this dragon: I find this dragon very interesting. I find this interesting because of it's myths. I liked how the dragons terrorized the villages, that was really interesting. It was also quite dramatic that they actually had to sacrifice someone just for the dragon!then to the rescue the woman's lover would come to the rescue and kill the dragons! I love the ending! Sadly though the ending didn't always end up that way.

General Facts African Dragons
Most African Dragons have wings and they have no legs. They are basically like fire-breathing snakes. African dragons usually a body like a snake and huge red wings.

Well Known African Dragons
  • Apophis
  • Bida
  • Dragon of the lake
  • Hydra
  • the basilisk
  • Isa Bere
  • Tiamat

The Basilisk
The basilisk is said to be born with the blood of a poisonous snake. It is also said that it can run over water and the land it walks on gets poisoned. Only three things can be immune to this dragon. Those three things are the weasel rue and cockerel. It is thought to live in northern Africa and western Europe. It is said to look like a lizard . Also said to be white with no legs and is red. His body is about three feet long. It could look like a Egyptian spitting lizard.

African Dragon Myths
Some African myths say that dragons terrorized villages. Then the village would sacrifice something for the dragon. Usually a girl or another human. After the sacrifice the dragon would either give what the village people wanted or the dragon would keep terrorizing the village. Other myths say that the lover of the woman who was going to be sacrificed would kill the dragons terrorizing the village.