external image 2giftDrag.jpg


Artist:Drasan Nitti

This dragon is a Asian Dragon designed by Drasan Nitti. These dragons have been known to be all kinds of art. These dragons are
drawn with sharp claws, it shows the power of the dragons. Poepl think dragons came from snakes, crocodiles, fish.

These dragons in asia are used to control weather for example rain and water. These draogns have supernatural powers. Including, disguise itself as a silkworm, inlarge itself biggern then our whole universe, it can fly higher then the clouds and hide in water,it can make clouds, can turn into water or fire, and it can become invisisable or glow in the dark.

These dragons to alot thats because they have so much power, they can defeat lots of enemies.

I think these dragons are scary and interesting how they do so many frightening things. Quite amazing. I think all the colors and effort put on to these dragons are fanastic. The colors are also so nice and bright and eye catching.