Artist: Unknown

Nice Info: Chac was involved with rain-making, but he ruled over all bodies of water. He required royal sacrifices from Earth, but, in turn, he would give his own blood so that there would be rain. Chac was one of the most popular Mayan Gods because he made all the rain which made their crops grow better. Everyone of the Mayans worshiped him, and there were over two hundred mosaics of Chac's face in the Palace alone. Chac was said to have a long nose, fish scales, whiskers, deer ears, and a crocodiles head. Many times he has an axe, his lightning axe, in his hand which he would use to make lightnings.

My Reflection: I like how Chac is a very powerful because he saves alot of things when he makes rain and then it helps people grow crops. I also like how he is very colorful so it stands out. When people see Chac they automatically know that it's him. But I mostly like how he is so unique because he has a funny shape head, how his inner body is red and the outer is green but I really like his wings because they are so big and colorful they look like bird wings.

What is Chac used for? Chac is used for making rain for humans so they can grow crops, farming and his rain also makes plants grow.