Dragon Comparisons


Picture 1. Picture 2.

*This picture reminds me of Africa because of its brownish colors, it reminds me of Africa's soil. *These two dragons look as if they wouldn't harm anybody. *The faces look like antelopes! Its pretty charming. *They look cute! *It looks like theirs one female and one male.
*I love this dragon, its really pretty and has a big variety of colors. *This dragons face looks really fierce and the way they have done its tail and its wings are pretty scary. *I think this dragon might have been used in a myth. Or used to scare people away from property which isn't theirs.
The main difference I can make between these dragons is that Picture 1, is very cute and Picture 2 is a fierce dragon.
For me they all have a big difference in personality.



This dragon reminds me of the highlands of Scotland because of the size and build of the dragon.
This dragon reminds me of a calm sea because of the colour and the way the dragon is sitting.
The main difference between these two dragons is that the first one is fierce, and the second one is calm and peaceful.


this dragoon reminds me of a volcano on the the news because of the background and it also looks like its a evil dragon and is very scary.
this dragonlooks like it is posing and showing off and looks really cute!!.

Kasthury P.

I like the first picture because of it's fierce and cute look.
I like the second picture because it looks like the dragon is dancing and the color is very striking, that it attracts your attention.
Both of these pictures are great and the only difference between both is that the first picture looks fierce and the second picture
The second dragon reminds me of the mummy dance.
The first picture looks as the dragon is showing it's muscles.


I think this dragon is really cute and fierce. I think this looks like a baby dragon. It really looks like a dragon because it fits most qualifications of a dragon. I really like how it's cartoon. It's small but looks "evil".
These dragons look really cultural. It looks like it is a meaning to the country, maybe it has to do with the countries religion. The dragon's look more realistic because it is 3D and is actually made.
The difference between these two dragons is that the cartoon dragon is more cartoon, maybe used on TV. The other dragon looks more cultural, it looks more like they use it in festivals or something religious.


This dragon Reminds me of the cartoon hero American Dragon Jake Long. I would say this is a male baby dragon. This dragon is very cute!!!
This dragon reminds me of a lizard slash bird. Its feathers remind me of a bird while the tail long and thin reminds me of a lizard. It looks fierce as if its about to attack.
The difference between these dragons is that the red one looks playful like a new-born baby while the green feathered one looks fierce like an adult male about to find its prey.

Emma xx.

I really love Marissa's picture. Its so small it looks like a baby dragon and its so cute! I also like how its a cartoon all the other pictures look so real!
I really like Aman's cute dragon. It looks like its going to attack something because of that claw! Again I like how this picture is also a cartoon.
Something that both of these dragons have in common are they are both small and cute and they look like they are going to kill something.In Marissa's picture it looks like its going to kill something using fire and in Amans picture it looks like its going to attack something. I mean if you look at how the claw is then it looks like its going to jump on something and kill it.
I love this dragon. It is extra cute! It reminds me of a baby dragon trying to be scary and rough. I like how it is a cartoon really matches it.I love the color on this dragon.
This dragon is very scary. I love how it is flying in the air in this picture. It makes it more interesting. It looks scary because the dragon mouth is open and you can see all the sharp teach. These dragons are a like because they both have the same type of color.

You Won
I think that this dragon is serene because of its expression. You know that animals with bright colors are poisonous. But this dragon is light brown and gives you the "non-harmful"feeling
This dragon would be fierce, in my opinion. It doesnt look scary but its colors make you feel that it is a bit dangerous. The red eyes give you the sign of evil, and it looks like a dragon-bird. Not the typical bird you see though.
I can tell that these dragons are different. Their looks are different, because one of them has wings, and resembles are bird. The other is really different from the typical dragon* Wings, long tail, big teeth, but this has two heads! All I can say is that one is calm and the other is E-V-I-L!
But again, looks arent everything.

This dragon looks powerful, god-like in a way. This is because his wings are spread out and his vibrant colors show a sign of sovereignty. The colors are dark and makes the dragon dark and evil.
This dragon, on the other hand,is more of a calm, serene and peaceful dragon. This dragon also looks like a god.
Its bright colors shows a contrast between the all powerful, god-like, green colored bird. dark usually meant darkness, and light meant peace and good will on earth.


I really like this dragon because this dragon is very fierce and good looking and it attracts attention from people.
This picture of this dragon is like a classic dragon long neck wings and all that kind of stuff
The difference between theses dragons are that one is a classic and the other one is a fiery dragon.