The process of making the dragon sculpture: The first thing we had to do was to come up with 10 or more words that represents you. Then in class we had to draw dragons which represented at least 3 of the words which describes us.
Here is the list of words which describes me:
  • Fun
  • Happy
  • Active
  • Swedish
  • Cheerful
  • lovable
  • Energetic
  • Sarcastic
  • Tall
  • Blond
  • Pink!
  • Mysterious
  • Love cold
  • Love singing
  • Friendly

When it was time to draw dragons I first made a dragon lay out and then I added the things that represents me. For example, I drew a dragon then I added some of the words like, cold (snow flakes), Pink (labeled it pink), singing (singing notes), or tall (long dragon).

When i was finished with the drawing i had to draw a bigger one with water color. It was hard to make it look like the drawing i had done before but i think i did a good job. I used a sponge for the background thats why it looks black and white. i wanted to make it more pretty by adding glitter on the snow flakes. It was easy to make and it looks really good. Here is a picture of the snow flake:

I used glitter on the snowflakes to make them stand out from the black background.
Isn't is like sooooooo pretty!!!! Now when its finished we have to
make a sculpture of the dragon. Its very hard to find ideas how to
make it stand, but i found a way that works.
Now i have to make the shape witch will be hard because my sculpture is very big and it will be heavy.

I have started to make the sculpture but i have many problems to solve before it will be ready. Here is a picture of how far I am. It's not very pretty and i haven't had time to work on it that much.
This is my finished dragon:) it didnt go as i planned in the drawing but it came out
to look really good. I had a lot of touble to make it stand up because it was so heavy.
I needed to pain the wings twice beacsue the first time i used the wrong kind of paint.
To make the wings stand i needed to make two wholes on the dragons body and put
the wings end there. I drew the eyes on paper and glue them on the dragon because it would take more time and not loom that good if i painted eyes on the dragon.