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First Stage:
First, I looked some materials for my dragon, and I found wires. I put the wires together to form my dragon's body, head, and a small tail. After I created the main body and head of my dragon, I wrapped it with a plaster..
I continue to cover my dragon's head, body and the tail. After my dragon is completely covered with plaster, a fresh small baby dragon was created!

Second Stage:
I decided to put an arms in front of my dragon and scales at the top to bottom of my dragon's back to make my dragon look cool and dramatic..
Finally, my dragon is getting warm up, because I painted its body, head, little arms, and the small tail with a warm red color. I painted his eyes with black and yellow colors. For the scales, I painted it with a dark brown color with some orange stripes. I put black color in his arms so it will look like he has claws and because he is standing in the land, I painted the base with a brown color. Now, after all I've done with him, he is now ready for his new journey! Yeah! ^^

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