Some of the characteristics that represent me would be:
• Annoying
• Funny
• Artistic
• Loyal
• Friendly
• Shy
• Nice

First stage

This is the first draft of my dragon picture. Were supposed to make our 2d version of our dragon before our 3d. I used water colors to paint my dragon. Since I could not get the same shade of green because it took the painting of the forest more than one class to do.
Now, this is my finished artwork and as you can see, there are different shades of forest green and the tree bark is also a different color.This art piece would soon turn into a 3D model sculpture.

Second stage

Now it was I first started by using thick wire as a base for my dragon. this would determine the shape and size of it. then I taped the wire down to a piece of cardboard.
After that, I wrapped the body with tissue rolls, which were cut in half to make a sort of tunnel-like shape. To hold it all together, I used masking tape. My dragon model was starting to form.

Third Stage
Then it was time to paint my dragon. Since the dragon looked like it was in water because there were no legs, so I painted the floor a blue, watery color. Then I also painted the body gray and the head white, which is not shown in the picture above but in the one next to it.
In the above picture, I added a pair of double wings and a copper helmet to make it look better. Now my 3D dragon is finished so it will be displayed in the breezeway in my school.