In my art class we have to study and research about dragons. Ms. J said that we have to draw a dragon that represents us. Things that represent me is
  • I LOVE horror stories.
  • Funny?
  • Weird
  • Sarcastic
  • Mean.. Well sometimes!
  • Opposite of Smart, stupid!
  • Korean
So, then we had to create a dragon. Well you cant really create a mean dragon so I just drew a black dragon, reading a horror stories. The horror stories that I like the best are ones by Stephen King. Or R.L Stine, Fear Street.
So here is the progressing part.....


This is my plan. The sofa is were the dragon would sit.
It looks like a very comfy room, for a dragon! :P I used a red sofa because sofas are usually red.
This is my painted dragon. It shows the dragon sitting on the sofa. It is not completed, but I will complete it soon.I think the dragon works well with the sofa.
The contrast is good?!


The color the sofa stands out. I like how I used bright colors to make it stand out from the dragon.
My finished picture! It was like a little puzzle when I had to paint it, because you cant tell what it is when you have not completed it! =)

This is the skeleton of my dragon. I covered it with paper.
I just need to put more paper and cover it with masking tape.
But now, it really isnt anything. :P
This is my dragon covered with wet plaster. It looks like a Egyptian mummy!!!
It is not finished, but it is almost!


This is my dragon covered with plaster!
And its painted with sky blue paint. The plaster is hard.
And when I say hard, I mean hard!!!
this is almost done. Change of plans
I changed the color and put cotton for the ears.
So original! I also drew the eyes on paper and stuck it on.

This is my final product, it is done.
I decided to add wings and tear out the cotton ears
and replace them with paper ears. And I put cotton
so it looks like its flying in the sky.