This is my process journal. Here I will describe my process while making my dragon creation.
This was my first step of my creation, my rough draft.I first just drew down all my ideas. Then, I thought of a background that represented me. I chose to do mountains and snow. I chose this background because I absolutely love being were it is cold, I love snow! After this I had to choose the color of my dragon, and all the other items. To show how each item on my dragon represented myself, I jotted down a word that described the item, and explained how that related to me. For example, I drew a strawberry. My note said, HEALTHY. I represent healthy because I love fruit and vegetables (and I love strawberries).
On my second step I redrew my dragon on another sheet of paper. I used the same ideas as on my rough draft, except for the ski and ice skate. I decided to add this to my dragon because my background was mountains and snowing so I decided to relate something to the background. After I finished drawing I started outlining my dragon in black. to fix up the little white bits I used a black pen.
This is my 3rd step of my creation of my dragon. When I finished the black and white outlining, I started to add in some basic colors. The first colors I used was pink, green, and black. I used these colors because I felt these were the colors that I would be using the most. For the ribbon and strawberry I used a technique. the technique that I used was used a darker pink and a lighter pink. The inner part of the objects I painted with the lighter pink, the outer with the darker pink. when the two colors met I leaved a white line. On the wings I painted two curvy lines to make them look shiny like an apple.
This is my 4th step of my 2D dragon creation. On this step I just colored in the body of the dragon pink. I also used blue for the goggles and the ipod. I decided to use blue because I felt I had used enough pink and it would be nice with a different color. I left the ski and ice-skates white because ice-skates are white and I wasn't really sure what color to paint the ski, so I thought that I could decide later. I might just leave it white because I think it looks nice without color. I wasn't very happy with this part of the creation because I feel I went a bit too over the top with pink. And the face is a darker shade of pink. I do like the goggles though I think they look cute.
At this stage of my project I colored in the nose and painted the background blue. On my next stage I was going to make it look like it was snowing. Just for now though, I wanted to color the background a nice cool blue color. With this blue you could already feel the coldness in the painting.
This is my final piece of my 2D dragon creation. First, I painted the base of the mountains white. Then, with crayon I colored the top of the mountain blue. After these stages of my project I used mostly used a black, felt-tip pen. With the pen I drew many snow flakes to make it look like I was really in a cold place. I also outlined the iPod, goggles, and the mountains.For the lips, I drew a line to show the separation of the 2 lips. I was very happy with my final turnout because with the snowflakes you could really feel the coldness! also I really think that this dragon represents me, I'm weird, and the dragon looks kinda weird too!
This is my plan for my 3D dragon creation. As you can see this dragon looks very different from my 2D dragon. This dragon is laying on a cloud. To make it look more like a dragon I added 2 sharp teeth on the lips and ears. I still had the afro and the ribbon though. I was going to use a tissue box for the cloud and then I would build the model on top. I also put a halo on top of the dragon's head so that it is easier to understand why the dragon is laying on a cloud. I chose to put my dragon on a cloud bacause it was a creative way to make a good base or platfrom for my dragon.
This is my first stage of my 3D dragon. It was quite hard to make the shape of the dragon due to it's position. After a while the dragon started to get shape and a began to get satisfied. The base where the dragon is laying on is going to be the cloud. After to make it look more like a cloud I will cover it with cottonballs. A few things that I would like to change for my next stage it to put the eyes more on in the middle of the head and to cover it all in tape to make the model more secure. I'm quite happy with my turnout for my first stage but I think that the arms are a bit too long so it looks a bit irregular.
This is my 2nd stage of my 3D dragon I went over my whole model to make everything secure with tape. I moved the eyes more in the center of the head, I covered the arms with take so that they became more stable. After this stage I was quite happy with the shape of my model. I felt everything was in shape to start putting on the plastercast.
This is my 3rd stage of my 3D dragon I have covered my whole model with plastercast. At first the plastercast diud not stick but then I created a technique to make the plastercast flexible. When I was finished my model was solid and was ready to be painted. I had to make many layers so that my model could become stable. All I had left to do was paint my model and stick on the head. Then I would do the hair and the ears and cover the box with cottonballs so that it could look like a cloud.
This is 4th stage of my 3D dragon. As you can see, I added the first coatiing of colors on my dragon. After, I would add something more to the body to make it more exciting. It took me a long time to find the right green colour, but eventually after lots of colour mixing I got the the suitable green colour. Still at this stage I did not have the head attached. I still feel that I need to do one more coating over my whole dragon because there are still some white spots on the body. Especially on the back of the dragon there is a lot of plasterclast that still needs to be colored. Even in some parts you can still see newspaper from my very first stage! I think that my dragon is starting to get some shape and it's coming together nicely.
This is my 5th step of my 3D drafon here I haven't added much. I only added the hair. The hair was made out of cotton balls. I felt that in this stage the hair looked a bit like granny hair! The hair was meant to be an afro! After I paint the cotton balls black I think it will look more like an afro. To attach the cotton balls I used wet glue. That didn't work very well though becuase I added too much water. When I used the glue right out of the bottle, it started to stick. I had to hold the cotton ball for a few seconds though. I also outlined the eyeballs and made the pupils. The eyes started to look scary!
This is my final stage of my 3D dragon project. As you can see, (don't worry you can admit it) it looks very scary! My dragon was not originally supposed to be scary. Then I thought well, no one has a perfect body,people have good and bad things. Now for my dragon, she certainly does not have a perfect body! At this stage I did a lot. First of all, I colored the hair black and it looked more like an afro. I painted another layer on my dragon because their still were some white spots remaining. Thirdly, I made the "cloud" for my dragon, I used cotton balls for this. On my drawing I had a halo on my dragon so I thought that I should add it. I used pipe cleaners to make it. I colored the box sky blue since she was laying on a cloud. Lastly, I used glitter to to make my dragon look a bit more special. I made dots of green glitter on my T-shirt and red lineson the skirt. On the front of the box I added gold dots for stars. Finally, I sprinkeled all of the glitter colors I used on my cloud.Even though my dragon looks freaky, I still like it!